by meghan j. shupe
Hagerstown MD • Rehoboth DE • New York NY

The Importance of Real Estate Photography


How many times have you investigated something online before you decided to make an effort to leave your house and check it out in person? Maybe you’ve pulled up Yelp reviews for a restaurant you wanted to try, or checked out the trailer of a movie before you committed to actually putting on pants and leaving your house. The point is, internet research is de rigueur nowadays, and there’s no escaping it.



Real estate is one of the many industries that has been completely changed by how modern consumers use the internet as a tool, and the key to selling your home is turning that to your advantage.

Often times the first look is in a set of photos sent by an agent to a potential buyer. Sites like Zillow and Trulia put the open house experience right at their fingertips! That’s where you can make an impression that will get someone on their feet, by showing your home at its best.

A photographer who understands angles and the play of light will make as much difference with your home as they do with real life subjects. It’s like the difference between a studio portrait and the one on your driver’s license. Keep in mind that a buyer will often return again and again to the photos in your listing and try to picture themselves in the space. They will certainly do that many more times than they will physically stand in the house.

Like seeking out a vacation destination, it’s all about having photos that make you want to actually be there. Curb appeal and careful home staging are very important, but showing these with carefully crafted images is equally necessary if you truly want to market your home to sell!