by meghan j. shupe
Hagerstown MD • Rehoboth DE • New York NY

Why FAB You?


It’s no secret that I often find myself surrounded by amazingly funny, talented, and accomplished women. Clients, mentors, family, friends — it doesn’t matter what form these women take in my life for their existence to have an impact. I gain so much strength every day from all of these women, and I know I could go to any of them for help.

What makes all of them so special? They have already found their Fabulous, and you can see it in every step they take. I was so inspired by the sensation of empowerment I get from all of them that I wanted to help as many other women find their Fabulous, too!


You, right now, are the product of a unique experience, because no one else has been subjected to the moments that make up your life. Countless entities have drifted through it, maybe impacted you in ways easily recognized. Others have affected you as subtly as an ocean on a shoreline. You have probably had an effect on countless people in ways you don’t even know about or understand. The magic of the human experience is that we are constantly shaping one another in ways big and small.


I want to harness that impact and channel it into a positive force, because too often we focus on what’s negative in our day to day lives: caught up in how these pants fit, or what’s wrong with our hair, or how much we hate our thighs. I want to help women redirect that into counting blessings instead of burdens: how your smile can light up a room, how much you love those shoes, or how much you always wanted to be a mermaid and so you’re going to dress like one and do a photoshoot because you do what you want, dammit!

It’s not about how you look, it’s what you project, the confidence you exude when you walk into a room. I want to help women find that and capture it for posterity, because the sexiest thing a woman can wear is self-esteem.

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